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Fujiyama Theodolites

Protea is the supplier of the highly acclaimed range of Fujiyama Theodolites in South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique.

The Fyjiyama FYT Theodolite range includes the FYT2, FYT5 and the FYT20 to offer you a choice of three levels of precision while allowing you to achieve the greatest added value for your situation. All three models have become instruments of choice where dependability and accuracy are demanded in tough situations.

All the instruments in the FYT Theodolite range are built with reliability, ease of use and ruggedness in mind and carry a full one-year guarantee. After sales support is provided by factory trained technicians operating from our fully equipped workshop in Kempton Park.

FYT series Theodolites come standard with rechargeable batteries but can be operated with pen light batteries (AA) in an emergency. 

FYT Theodolite Specifications

MODEL                                        FYT- 2                       FYT- 5                       FYT- 20
Magnification                                     30x                            30x                                30x
Angle of view                                   1˚30˝                          1˚30˝                           1˚30˝
Resolution                                       1˝ / 5˝                 1˝ / 5˝ / 10˝                              10˝
Objective aperture                         45mm                        45mm                         45mm
Shortest viewing distance               1.3m                          1.3m                           1.3m
Angular accuracy                                   2˝                               5˝                              2
Image                                                 erect                          erect                           erect
Field of view                                    1D30˝                        1D30˝                        1D30˝
Resolving power                                3.5 ˝                           3.5 ˝                            2.5 ˝
Stadia ratio                                          100                            100                            100
Resolution                                                5˝                              5˝                                5˝
Additive constant                                      0                              0                                  0
Compensation scope                         none                        none                           none
Battery life                                6 hours cont.         6 hours cont.              6 hours cont.
Weight                                                 4.5kg                      4.5kg                          4.5kg
Size(mm)                           145 x 240 x 320    145 x 240 x 320        145 x 240 x 320